Mass Times & Celebrants

  • Mass schedule  

    SATURDAY4:00pm  St. Anthony
                        4:00pm St. Elizabeth Seton
                        5:30pm  St. Thomas Chapel
                        6:00pm Brazilian Mass at
                                       St. Patrick

    SUNDAY    7:30am  St. Anthony
                        8:30am  St. Elizabeth Seton
                        8:45am  St. Anthony
                        9:00am  St. Patrick
                       10:00am St. Elizabeth Seton
                       10:30am St. Thomas Chapel
                        11:00am St. Anthony
                        5:00pm  St. Patrick

    Watch livestream or listen (FM 87.9) to Mass in your car at St. Anthony's or St. Elizabeth Seton.. Communion distributed after Mass at the door of church.

    MON:    8:00 AM St. Anthony
    TUE:      8:00 AM St. Anthony
                  9:00 AM St. Elizabeth Seton
    WED:    8:00 AM St. Anthony
                  9:00 AM St. Elizabeth Seton
                  5:30 PM  St. Joseph Chapel
    THU:     8:00 AM St. Anthony
                  9:00 AM St. Elizabeth Seton
    FRI:        8:00 AM St. Anthony
  • Mass Celebrants 
    (subject to change)